About Us

Our Mission

Protecting the world’s most vulnerable refugees

ORAM’s mission is to enable the international community to protect exceptionally vulnerable refugees and asylum seekers. To this end, we are dedicated to delivering innovative tools, cutting-edge research and empirically-based assessment programs for refugee professionals around the world.

We work closely with governments of refugee-receiving and transit countries, the United Nations, international NGOs, community and faith-based organizations, and academic institutions. Drawing upon our leadership, know-how and trailblazing work on sexual and gender minority refugees, we assist the panoply of exceptionally vulnerable refugees facing extreme persecution and in desperate need of help.

Through our capacity-building programs, we have trained thousands of professionals on refugee protection and claims adjudication. Our tools are utilized by thousands of refugee professionals and agencies worldwide. We are trusted by governments, international agencies and communities to develop and deliver rare expertise in our constantly evolving field. By training refugee professionals and making our tools accessible to them, we reach hundreds of thousands who seek refuge and asylum.

Our Vision

We Envision a World that Safeguards its Exceptionally Vulnerable Refugees

Guided by our values of respect for diversity and human dignity, we sustain global protection of exceptionally vulnerable refugees fleeing persecution.

We know that only a concerted international effort will address the growing global refugee crisis. We also know that system integrity is essential to the survival of international refugee protection. This is why collaboration is central to our work. We work hand-in-hand with governments, international and local organizations, respected academic institutions, community and faith-based groups to create system changes and build capacity for improving the protection of the world’s most vulnerable refugees.

With representatives in the United States and the Middle East, ORAM is an international team of experts committed to humanitarian values, including a core of specially qualified professionals, legal fellows, interns, and volunteers dedicated to helping those who are threatened by intolerance and violence.

We envision a world that celebrates diversity and in which all human beings are treated with dignity. We strive for a world that embraces coexistence and where people are no longer driven from their homes due to intolerance. Until that time, ORAM will resolutely continue to secure the protection of those who must escape to survive.