Refugee Assistance

ORAM provides much-needed support to refugees fleeing persecution. The vital assistance we provide ensures that the most vulnerable refugees know their rights, have access to legal assistance, and that their host countries recognize their right to security.

Each year thousands of refugees fleeing persecution travel to different countries, without having applied for refugee status, and request asylum. Providing direct legal assistance and guidance to these refugees ensures their protection and safety.

Protect individual refugees through legal work – We ensure that refugees understand their rights, receive detailed information about eligibility and the process of seeking asylum, and that trained legal counsel is secured for them at no or reduced expense.

Provide guidance and legal consultation to refugees – ORAM assists the most vulnerable through the resettlement process as quickly as possible. We help refugees navigate UNHCR Refugee Status Determination procedures, obtain assistance from local health and social service providers, and access resettlement.

Continuously provide current online information in multiple languages – We host a central resource center and helpline providing crucial information about refugee status determination along with contact information for UNHCR offices and free legal assistance providers all over the world.

Support resettlement programs helping refugees build a new life in a safer community – ORAM spearheaded the Guardian Group, a program that connects refugees with caring individuals who provide cohesive support during resettlement in the United States.