Professional Training

ORAM  Training on Sexual & Gender Non-conformity – What Refugee Professionals Need to Know

ORAM – Organization for Refuge, Asylum & Migration, is the world leader on sexual and gender minority (SGM) Refugees. ORAM offers training to government offices and refugee organizations on SGM, credibility assessment and related areas.

Training will be delivered by ORAM Executive Director Neil Grungras, the preeminent expert in the field.

ORAM’s training program sharpens refugee professionals’ skills to accurately assess refugee claims, safeguard the international refugee system and ensure that all refugees are treated fairly and professionally.

Each ORAM training is carefully mapped out withIMG_20151119_105105 (1) organizational leadership to ascertain specific learning needs and practical objectives. The ORAM training program is built on years of experience with refugees, rigorous research, and culling of best practices. Staff are surveyed anonymously before, during and after each training to assess learning needs and training impact.

Each training is lively, interactive, and respectful of cultural and religious sensitivities.

Areas covered include:

  • Identification and Sensitization
  • Protection in the Field
  • Working Effectively with SGM refugees
  • Credibility Assessment
  • Resettlement and Integration

All ORAM training programs can be expanded upon request to include SGM personnel and HR issues in refugee agencies, as well as interpreting/translating for SGM applicants.

The following non-SGM topics can be integrated into the program as well:

  • General principles of international refugee law and procedure
  • Assessing country of origin reports
  • Refugee-interviewer-interpreter dynamics
  • Identifying, preventing and dealing with secondary traumatization

Since 2012, ORAM has trained over 1800 refugee professionals in 16 countries, including interior ministries, embassies and consulates.

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