Info for Refugees

Founded in 2008, ORAM built the foundation for the international protection of sexual and gender minority refugees. Our work aids refugees in seeking status and re-settlement, and we are committed to providing refugees with the information needed to navigate the refugee system.

Among those displaced, certain refugees perceived as different are at higher risk of persecution and violence and need our protection urgently. These include children, refugees escaping genocide, sexual and gender minorities, victims of torture and rape, pregnant women, victims of human trafficking, the disabled, the elderly, and persons with life threatening illnesses.

These resources  are relevant to refugee and asylum cases around the world, including for LGBTI cases. If you do not find an answer to a basic question here, please write to us at Where appropriate, we will add your question along with our answer to this growing resource page.


grasping-handsThis “Q&A” guide will give you basic information you’ll need if you’re considering leaving your country to escape persecution. The guide is intended to help you make an informed decision about whether, where and how to proceed – ideally before you start your journey.