Founded in 2008, ORAM specializes in the protection of exceptionally vulnerable refugees, including LGBTI refugees. A thought leader in refugee protection, we are trusted by governments, international agencies, aid organizations and refugees alike. ORAM’s essential work enables the international community to protect exceptionally vulnerable refugees and asylum seekers and safeguards the integrity of the international refugee protection system.

Professional Training

Proffesional Training

We offer highly effective training for refugee professionals working on cases based on sexual orientation and gender identity, including credibility assessment. We have trained over 1800 professionals in 16 countries.

Resources & Publications


We conduct and publish original and groundbreaking research on the plight of exceptionally vulnerable refugees and the organizations that serve them, helping to lay the groundwork for system-wide changes.

Refugee Assistance

Refugee Assistance

We proudly work with refugees and asylum seekers who have fled their homes due to persecution and intolerance. Our crucial, regularly updated information on navigating the refugee system has already helped tens of thousands.

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Less than one month after the Trump Administration’s “travel ban” was blocked by the U.S. courts, a new Executive Order was issued Tuesday. In many ways identical to the original ban, this ...

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